How to motivate yourself to exercise and eat healthily when you’re exhausted

Let’s face it, mum life is exhausting! How are you supposed to get motivated to exercise and eat healthily when it all just seems way too hard! Rachel Leman gives us some great tips on how to get started.

Let’s face it, mum life is exhausting!!

Particularly if you have little ones waking through the night and needing you 24/7. Add to that: washing, cleaning, cooking, food shopping, holding down a job… And the list goes on! Is it any wonder you feel flat, exhausted and completely unmotivated?

How on earth are you supposed to get motivated to exercise and eat healthily? No matter how much you WANT to make it happen, it can all just seem way too HARD!

First of all, we need to ask ourselves a few questions and get clear on our WHY?

Why do you think you need to exercise and eat healthily?

When you start to exercise and eat healthily, how will that make you FEEL and why? Now hold on to that feeling, write it down and remind yourself of it often.

Then you can follow a few simple steps:

1. Set a goal

What is it you are wanting to achieve? Why do you want to achieve this? Make it SMART: Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-bound. For example, you could say: Move my body 3 -4 times per week for the next 30 days and choose foods that nourish my body.

2. Put a plan in place

How many times can you commit to some kind of exercise per week? What will that look like? You might need to get creative here. It is likely that your weekly exercise plan will look completely different to what it might have been previously. That’s completely OK!

You might commit to completing a couple of home workouts a week and a couple of walks, or sign up to a suitable fitness program and attending regularly. Everyone’s scenario is different.

A little bit of exercise, sunshine and fresh air can really help to boost your energy levels. Maybe you can even bribe yourself with a coffee afterward?

3. Get some accountability

You can start out as simply as a regular date with a friend for a walk, swim or fitness session. Trust me, you won’t want to leave them lonely so you are more likely to show up yourself!

Lock your exercise sessions into your diary as you would a doctor’s appointment – they are an important time for you, so try to keep those times clear. It might only be 20-30 mins out of your day but I promise you will feel so much better for giving yourself that time.

4. Keep the food side of things simple, but have a plan

Eating healthily doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming. Some of the best recipes only include a few steps and a couple of ingredients. Get prepared and stocked up on household staples that will get you out of trouble when you really need it.

Grocery shopping online can be really helpful and a good use of time. The time that you have saved from shopping might be used for a short workout or food preparation to keep you feeling energised.

Cook in advance when you feel in the mood. Make a few batches and keep them the freezer. This makes it quick, easy and cheaper than take away!

5. Give yourself a break!

SHIT happens – kids get sick, life gets busy and plans are thrown out of the window when this happens. It’s important to remind yourself that every day is a chance to reset… Move forward and do something positive for yourself and your family. Understand that it is all the small steps that we take each day towards better health that add up over time. Don’t beat yourself up if things don’t go exactly to plan – try again tomorrow!

Remind yourself of your “why” – how you will feel after a good workout and a healthy meal – and move forward.

You’ve got this!

How to motivate yourself to exercise and eat healthily when you’re exhausted