Focus Magazine March - Fitness Update


As we all know, being a working woman can be equal parts fulfilling and hectic. Throw in a couple of kids, ageing parents and family life and often times your own health tends to get overlooked as you struggle to fit everything in. Am I right? Well, you are not alone! This is something that is common to almost all working women. Allocating time to look after your own health and fitness through regular exercise and healthy eating is really important, so that you can continue to be a fabulous business woman, mother, wife, carer, chef etc. Let’s face facts, if you are not in good condition (physically and mentally) then you are no good to help and support anyone else. Being “busy” is not always healthy. At times, it is too much for our bodies and our minds to maintain over the long haul. Yes, we do need to get regular exercise to be healthy, but if you are a busy person it is important that the kind of exercise you choose is suited to your needs. For a super busy mum, working in a very fast paced job, adding HIIT sessions each and every day is not always beneficial, this will only add more stress to an already over stretched system.

In this case it would be more beneficial to try something that can assist with relaxation such as a walk in nature, yoga, or a slower weight training session, even consider meditation. We do need to get our heart rates up regularly each week, but if your
weekly life stress load is high try making time for some slower sessions to calm the system and see how you feel. Set yourself reasonable goals. This might include a sliding scale of what is acceptable for you. Look at 3 different versions of this, your perfect week, an average week and a holy hectic week. We all know that a plan is great until things get hectic. Think about what would be the minimum time you need to take to look after yourself and make yourself happy. Our suggestion - look for windows of opportunity to sneak in a little moment of self maintenance.

It’s also important to remember that a short sharp workout is better than nothing. Even a short lunchtime walk will have you thinking clearer on your return. 30 minutes is all you need. Other elements that you might need to consider are hydration, nutritious eating, rest and relaxation. I have provided you a link to our free down habit trackers to help you start feeling your best, each and every day. At Miss Motivator we help women to create healthy habits, pop in or give us a call on 6581 5199 to find out more.

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Focus Magazine March - Fitness Update