Focus Magazine January - Fitness Update

Welcome to 2023!

For many people both young and old the Christmas/New Year period is a time of reflection and planning for the new year.Whilst this is an important thing to do, it is something that could be done at any time you feel that you are off track with your health and fitness goals. You don’t need to wait, and you don’t need to do it just because it is a new year! This January I encourage you to enjoy life! Resist the temptation to beat up on yourself or set unrealistic goals and simply enjoy your holidays! Move in a way that feels good for you from a holistic point of view. Spend your time doing the things that support you and your loved ones, the things that fill your cup and make you feel good. Spend less time focusing on the “shoulds and coulds” and just enjoy your time with family and friends the way you want to. Maybe that does involve setting new health and fitness goals for the year or maybe it doesn’t – either way there should be no judgement, no pressure. Top tips for holiday time top ups

Get outdoors and into nature.

  • Getting into the ocean can really help to calm the nervous system, lower stress and improve mental health.
  • Take the family for a beach walk (this can be a nice family time thing to do for young and old).

Enjoy the rest from the hustle and bustle of busy working weeks.

Use the holiday period to recharge your batteries. Take some down time and chill, don’t rush around if you don’t need to. Rest and recovery is just as important as hard work, so remember to enjoy your downtime.

Use the time to help older relatives get active too.

  • As we age physical activity is just as important as it ever was. Helping our older relatives to be active is important for maintaining muscle mass and quality, bone density, blood pressure and blood sugar to name just a few reasons. Older adults often really enjoy the socialising that comes with being active with others.

Focus on what you enjoy.

  • Don’t get caught up with what others are doing. Be true to yourself and the things you enjoy. Your leisure time belongs to you so enjoy it the way you want to.

Some ideas to get the whole family active this summer:-

  • Dinner at the beach with a bit of frisbee toss,
  • Picnic at a park or reserve and a gentle walk around the park,
  • Pre-dinner afternoon walks along the beach,
  • Early morning swims at the local pool or beach.
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Stay strong,

Rach x

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Focus Magazine January - Fitness Update