Focus Magazine April - Fitness Update


It is very well documented that exercise throughout every stage of your life is beneficial, but as we age and nature slows us down, there are some things you can do to stay fit and healthy into your golden years.
The documented benefits of regular exercise include:
  • maintaining strength and muscle,
  • reduce risks of heart disease,
  • reduced risk of stroke,
  • maintain bone density,
  • falls prevention,
  • improve energy,
  • improve brain function and coordination.
This is important to help improve or maintain quality of life and be able to move through life and enjoy all that lifehas to offer, for as long as possible. This can also mean maintaining your independence in the home and community. A recent study from the Alzheimer’s Research & Prevention Foundation found that regular exercise has been shown to reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia by nearly 50%.

So, we know exercise is great for so many things, but in your senior years you might need to focus on a few key areas to maintain optimal health, avoid injury and overexertion. We recommend a combination of walking, swimming, jogging, strength, flexibility and balance training as well as eating a healthy nutritious diet.

Participating in a walking or exercise group through a local community group can provide a great environment to socialise. Socialising while exercising, is a win win, you get your regular exercise session as well as a catch up with friends, you may even enjoy a nice coffee after the session.

Swimming – visit the local pool, one of our amazing beaches or do you have a friend that has a pool you could use.

Regular strength training with or without weights, under the guidance of a trained professional (to help you with correct technique and appropriate load) is something that can really help with maintaining muscle strength.

Regular stretching or gentle yoga is also really beneficial to keep your body moving, reduce stiffness and soreness. Balance work could be part of your regular strength or stretching routine or added in separately but is really important to include so as to minimise the risk of falls.

It really is a case of move it or lose it in the golden years and it is never to late to make a start and reap the benefits!
At Miss Motivator we offer a safe and welcoming environment for seniors to come and exercise amongst friends. We have classes to suit woman of all ages and stages of life.
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Focus Magazine April - Fitness Update